Digital Voice Services

Home or Business

  • Standard Package – $19.99/month
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling
  • Enhanced 911 service
  • Add second line for $9.99/month
  • Calling features: voice mail, voice mail to email, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting
  • Free calling to Mexico!


Fax services, that are both HIPPA compliant and FDIC compliant, using SSL encryption--is not only a great way to protect the overall security of your network--it can save you to 80% over your existing antiquated fax services.

Hosted PBX for Business

Get the features and benefits of a traditional business phone system without the costs associated with buying and maintaining the equipment.

$25.99 per line per month

Wholesale, White-Label system.


Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX has changed the phone industry forever. Now there is no need for multiple vendors: phone provider, long distance provider, etc. Now all you need is Sureline. No need to buy all that hardware that will be obsolete in a year, you can have all of it, in the cloud. With the Sureline Cloud PBX, you can reap all the benefits that the cloud has to offer, such as saving you money and making your phone system state-of-the-art allowing you to focus on your business.

PBX Benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Significantly reduce your local and long distance phone bill with our VoIP technology. No need for expensive hardware. We have it all for you, in the cloud.
  • Less maintenance and hassle for your IT department or consultant. Sureline will operate and maintain your phone system for you.


  • Sureline cloud PBX can expand or contract with the growth of your business. Simply call your dedicated account rep and they will help you instantly upgrade or downgrade as much as you need. Never get stuck in an obsolete phone system again.
  • Easily add/delete/modify users and Auto Attendants without the expense of "calling the phone guy" anymore.

Call Features

  • Get world class features without buying any equipment or hardware. It’s all in the cloud.


  • The Sureline network is completely geo-redundant with locations on both coasts in the USA. This allows for seamless uninterrupted service to all customers in the US and Canada. We are also peered with most carriers, creating a low latency; High Definition quality calls.

Dedicated Account Represenative:

  • Tired of talking to someone in a foreign country? With Sureline, you get a dedicated account rep that knows you by name and knows your business needs.


  • With the reduced complexity, maintenance, and administration, your IT department will be free to work on other things...meaning more productivity from your staff.

Multiple Locations

  • If you have multiple locations all over the globe, or have many people working from home, Sureline Cloud PBX brings all of the great features to them.

Mobile Phones

  • With our mobile apps, our amazing phone system can be with you when you’re on the go.

Soft Phones

  • Our softphone allows you to take your features and rates with you, no matter where you are.

How Your Business Makes and Receives Calls with Cloud PBX

Taking all of the concepts and features of an analog PBX and hosting them on the Internet allows for ease of use and a greater level of flexibility. All of the features exist on the Sureline network which eliminates the need for an onsite PBX. This turns any building with internet connectivity into an office. It can be a home, warehouse or coffee shop as long as there is an internet connection and an endpoint. Also, the employees within the company can exist anywhere but can all be managed under the umbrella of the Cloud PBX system.


Cloud PBX Plans

Whether your company does business on a national or even a global level, we have great plans for you to choose from. We have the standard plan, where you get unlimited calling in the USA and Canada. We also provide the Global plan, where you get unlimited calling to 75 countries.


Sureline Broadband offers tradional POTS. T1's and PRI's for your legacy phone systems, as well as your lifeline services.

Sureline SIP Trunks

Sureline SIP Trunks can offer significant cost savings for your business. With our VoIP technology, you can use your existing Internet or internal communication system to access the internet and outside phone lines. Traditional phone lines are no longer needed. Instead, voice data is combined over a single circuit.

SIP Trunking Benefits:

Cost Savings

  • Save money on local and long distant calls.

US Based Customer & Technical Service

  • Tired of talking to someone overseas you never even met before. This will never happen at Sureline. You will get a dedicated account rep that knows you and your business.

Flexibility With Your Phone Number

  • Keep your current phone number even if you are moving. No more call forwarding costs.


  • The Sureline network is completely geo-redundant with multiple locations in the USA. This allows for seamless uninterrupted service to all customers in the US and Canada.

  • Sureline is directly peered in Portland, Oregon at NWAX and in Seattle, Wa with all major ISP's to provide a low latency VOICE network. Sureline's network is powered by all Juniper routers and Switches for carrier grade reliability and built with Voice in mind with Quality of Service honored for voice traffic. Sureline's network is over built and is only ran at 50% capacity at all times.