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  • Google Fiber has put its planned buildout of 1 Gbps to San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, California, on hold, possibly to explore a cheaper alternative to wireline internet service in the wake of its acquisition of fixed wireless provider...read more

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  • Wireless for Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

  • ***By 2017, there will be approximately 3.6 billion internet users around the globe, or about 48% of the world’s population. The growing demand for internet connectivity is generating increasing pressure on broadband networks to provide internet access. However, it is becoming clear the existing broadband infrastructure in many countries is not capable of supporting the demand for reliable, superfast broadband...read more--Ariel Wireless is the way.

  • Great Read on Internet, and how Sureline Broadband, and other WISPs are bridging the Internet Divide...read moreWireless Broadband is here, and has been here.

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