For Email Access and Setup

Webmail Link: mail.madras.net (From any browser)


POP Setup

1: username@madras.net  or still a couple at username@palmain.com example
gardner@palmain.com or dave@madras.net

2: Password

3: Incoming AND outgoing mail servers (pop and SMTP)are mail.madras.net or
mail.palmain.com depending on which email they have.

4: Do not use any security settings!

5: DO check the box for "My server requires authentication" Do NOT check 
that says "Authenticated PASSWORD"

6: Outgoing port must changed to port 587

7: Incoming remains at the default of 110

8: same rules apply for IMAP setup except you may be able to use what the
default is for the outgoing server number


Sureline Customers may also add email accounts for no additional cost!

Just give us a call, and we will get you set up!